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AI, Blockchain & various other growth tools to help you grow your B2B & industrial offerings.


NFT, AI, automation & blockchain tools for your ecommerce sales, visitors & brand growth.


Solutions for donation, volunteer, visitors, board members growth. Grow your charity organization with new tech.

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GPT Workspace

Ideally, in an ideal scenario, each potential customer would transform into a devoted patron, and the necessary data preparation to reach that point would require less time. Luckily, there is a complimentary AI assistant called GPT for Google Sheets that aids in expediting the tasks associated with marketing campaigns. It efficiently cleanses data, generates compelling…

Tools | Content


Writer enables the swift creation of precise and reliable content in just minutes. This powerful writing tool is specifically crafted to serve various industries, ranging from customer support and sales to user experience and human resources. Renowned companies place their trust in Writer, as it unleashes the capabilities of generative AI for all teams, proving…

Tools | Productivity

Browse AI

Browse AI streamlines the process of extracting data from various sources by enabling businesses to train scraping robots without any coding. This revolutionary platform caters to developers, data scientists, product managers, and research analysts, offering an intuitive solution to effortlessly retrieve data from diverse platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, ProductHunt, and more. Use Cases Integrations…

Marketing | Tools


tinyEinstein, an AI Marketing manager, accelerates the growth of your Shopify store by 10 times while requiring minimal time investment from you.

Tools | Content

Unleash a remarkable surge in sales, enthrall your customers, and effortlessly create captivating content using – the ultimate AI-powered copywriting solution that delivers an extraordinary experience.

Productivity | Tools


Introducing a conversational recruiting software designed to automate tasks that your teams are pressed for time to handle. This innovative solution accelerates the candidate journey from initial interaction to successful hiring, faster than ever before.

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