Focus on ownership as a central aspect

Since most Web3 games utilize blockchain technology, the ownership of your assets is guaranteed to remain with you even after they are sold because they are linked to the player rather than the game. This specific aspect of the Web3 gaming industry safeguards investments and promotes fair play in gaming environments. By using blockchain-based systems, developers cannot easily take advantage of or exploit users’ card information, as all transactions are transparent. The Web3 gaming landscape allows for the ownership of in-game items, digital scarcity, and a digital marketplace where each asset has a specific supply. Ownership of these assets is transferred to players after sale transactions are completed.

Opportunity to transact & earn income

If players choose to purchase a specific item and sell it to other players within or outside the game, they can use their own personal funds to do so in the game’s marketplace. Over half of gaming revenues are generated through in-app purchases (IAPs) of video games. Although in-game assets are sold exclusively through IAPs and are seemingly infinite in number, players do not actually own these assets despite having paid for them in online games. The narrative has been transformed by Web3 games so that when a player purchases an asset, the technology links the asset to the player instead of the video game. This protects both the financial resources and the limited assets on players’ accounts.

Ease of modification

Web 3.0 promotes an open and unrestricted environment for modifying games, enabling gamers to make changes that suit their specific needs.


To summarize, Web3 games will encompass more than just playing games for currency; they will also include performance, competition, guidance, dungeon-mastering, level-designing, live roleplaying, creativity, and more. In the near future, we can expect to see a blurred distinction between players and designers, as well as the emergence of new ways of bundling and unbundling.

Be a game influencer

Early adopters of Web 3.0 in the gaming community have a multitude of advantages over those who join later. Gamers who are transitioning to Web 3.0 today have the potential to make a significant impact and leave a lasting legacy for future players in this new space. Put simply, Web3 games are creating opportunities for income and networking for anyone, whether they are an influencer, creator, developer, or player.