How blockchain is transforming the travel tech industry ?

As the use of blockchain protocol continues to rise, there are fresh opportunities for travel companies to leverage blockchain technology in order to enhance the travel experience for customers. In this regard, here are six ways in which blockchain is expected to revolutionize the travel industry. Improved security Blockchain technology eliminates the requirement of a…


Blockchain in Sports

The relationship between sports and blockchain is expanding, and it is transforming the way businesses and spectators participate in and experience sports. To maximize the benefits of this emerging technology for your projects, your business should become familiar with various best practices associated with the adoption of blockchain. Ticketing The sports industry has long been…


Digitalization-driven transformation of the food industry

The integration of digital technologies across food production, processing, distribution, and consumption constitutes the digital transformation of the food industry. The primary objectives of this digitalization are to increase transparency in the food supply chain, enhance efficiency, reduce expenses, and ultimately, elevate the overall customer experience. Cloud  To enhance agility and responsiveness towards rapidly evolving…


Emotional AI Trends for the Healthcare

The utilization of Emotion AI technology has the capacity to enhance human-machine interactions and revolutionize diverse industries and sectors. Emotion AI relies on machine learning algorithms to observe, scrutinize, decipher, document, and in certain instances, forecast human emotions. Many enterprises and startups rely on Emotion AI insights and projections to expand their operations. Assisting individuals…



Introducing a conversational recruiting software designed to automate tasks that your teams are pressed for time to handle. This innovative solution accelerates the candidate journey from initial interaction to successful hiring, faster than ever before.

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Cody AI

Cody is a highly intelligent AI assistant similar to ChatGPT. What sets Cody apart is its unique capability to be trained using your business-specific information, team dynamics, operational procedures, and client interactions. Leveraging Cody, you can provide comprehensive support to your team, address inquiries, assist with creative tasks, resolve problems, and foster idea generation.



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Harness the potential for revenue expansion with Emplifi.io’s customer engagement platform. Ignite the force of connectivity with your clientele. Imbue every stage of their journey with a sense of attentiveness. Inject sincere empathy and genuineness into all your social and digital exchanges, leaving a profound and enduring impact.



Within the captivating domain of Algolia, there exists a remarkable AI Search and Discovery Platform that acts as a catalyst for revealing the marvels of your realm. Fueled by Algolia NeuralSearchâ„¢, it possesses an astonishing capacity to understand intent, effortlessly empowering your esteemed customers to discover their desires. Whether they are in search of specific…



Manatal represents the definitive answer to recruiters’ needs by consolidating all crucial tools into one exceptional platform. This Recruitment Software, fueled by AI, empowers recruiters to swiftly identify and secure high-caliber talent. With its specialized features tailored to HR teams, recruitment agencies, and headhunters, Manatal guarantees unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.