Community means brand. As NFT, blockchain , crypto space is still in infancy. Performance marketing might not be worthwhile. Education & brand building should be the first priority.

Telegram is right medium to build the community as it caters to techno savvy audience which are more open to new technology destructions. Some strategies which might help you in building brand on telegram.

Make members your marketing partners

Let’s incentivize members to bring more members. Offers, discounts are routine ways to incentivize. Could you be more innovative to incentivize community ? Soul of blockchain is peer to peer communication. Incentivizing is not good but critical in that context.

Be part of other communities

First give then get. Rule for life & telegram. Be proactively active in various related communities. That is the only way to build long term brand trust. It might also expand your brand’s horizon.

Play & make friends

Telegram is for players, explorers & adventurers. You needs to wear this hat while in telegram zone. Sharing memes, playing games are parts of playful nature as per law of telegram.

Share something different

Don’t be me too news hub. Let’s hear from your community members & share news about your products & blockchain in general. Critical part of sharing something unique is to understand your community in depth.

Invite uncommon experts

Let them interact & energize the community discussions. Experts with passion are gold mine as they influence community members to be more passionate. Pasion leads to greater community bonds.