Unlike traditional bank, borrowers using DeFi apps can not be held accountable for physical assets.

There is no way to identify borrowers or lenders. It’s all about mutual trust & privacy. Here are some ways to promote your DeFi project.

Educate Educate Educate

DeFi being the new technology, there is genuine need to educate the consumer about it’s details. Creating 5 to 7 articles each month will definitely gain you initial traction as an authority brand. That will also help you in achieving search engine ranking.

Build Community

First step is to select the appropriate social media channel favored by your end consumer. Generally Twitter & Discord is a good place to start building DeFi community. Posting content is not enough but you need to religiously reply to their comments & suggestions.

Partner with Influencers

Identify genuine influencers from crypto & DeFi space. Ideally influencer’s brand should have some resembelence to your DeFi brand. Beware of influencers with artificially inflated follower base. That can be judged by understanding the engagement rate of content.

Collaborate with DeFi media sites

There are lots of popular DeFi media & community site. You can present your offer before their visitors.

PR Works

Collaborate with reputed agencies to put your news in tier1 or tier2 media websites. While writing content for PR campaigns, remember to make it attractive to end reader. That also means you need to create content which adds some value to reader.

Plan Airdrops

Although costly, airdrops are popular with end investors. Simply by issuing free tokens to the investors, it’s increases it’s presence in the real world.