Overpriced NFT has it’s own limitations. Without tangible benefit to end consumer NFT industry will not grow exponentially.

Here are some scenarios & use case for unlocking the potential of NFT for your business growth. NFT does not always means overpriced jpg or monkey images. It has transformational potential to propel your organization to the next level.

Free NFT in exchange of specific actions

Unrealistic NFT prices does not have any future unless combined with some tangible real life benefits. Why not give NFT free to the consumer in exchange of taking certain business actions. Production costs of NFT are almost negligible in comparisons to the benefits businesses might derive from giving NFT free.

NFT as a tool for consumer feedback

Instead of pre-launching NFT, why not offer them to the target customers to build the initial community & also get valuable product feedback.

NFT as an advertising tool

Every time NFT purchaser mentions or display’s his/her owned NFT. It not only enhances user’s value but also improves brand value of NFT creator. It is free advertising in perpetuity.