Enabling cryptocurrency donations or building public trust, charities can benefit in a number of ways through Blockchain technology.

Here we will explain how it can benefit the third sector by making it more efficient and robust along the way.

Digital fundraising

React to global events quickly using bitcoin donations. By incorporating blockchain into recording charitable donations, donors will be able to track exactly where their donations go and when they are put into use. Blockchain will provide greater transparency behind nonprofit organizations and give both donors and operators greater accountability when it comes to how donations are spent.

Receive donations in NFT

Charities can receive donations using NFT.  Artist, athlete or public figure can do charity work by donating their NFT . Even new age investors, NFT collectors can also associate with your charity by donating part of their collection.

Blockchain for solving staffing challenges

Utilizing blockchain’s ability to record & store donation records eliminates the need to recruit army of accounting or administration staff.