Connect store data to CRM ( Magento → HubSpot )


HubSpot Magento Integration is one of the most efficient solutions for connecting your Magento 2 store to HubSpot.

You can use this Magento HubSpot integration to sync your Magento store data to HubSpot CRM for easy automation, management, and reporting of your data.

Personalized targeting with segmentation
Abandoned cart recovery for more revenue
Smooth data sync for easy data management
Powerful workflows to automate boring tasks

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  • Disc Our team will deliver automation solution based on your workflow preference.
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What HubSpot Magento Integration Can Do?
Effective Contact Segmentation
This HubSpot Magento 2 Integration encompasses over 90 custom HubSpot properties and 7 HubSpot lists that help you segment your contacts on multiple aspects for precise targeting.

Workflows to Automate Painful Tasks
This Magento HubSpot connector comes with more than 30 workflows that help you automate your repetitive and boring tasks you need to perform every day.

Abandoned Cart Recovery for More Revenue
Abandoned cart can play the antagonist in your business’s story. So avoid them by recovering them through the help of abandoned cart recovery workflows and dynamic email templates.

RFM Segmentation for Buyer-focused Targeting
Segment your contacts based on their buyer behavior using RFM segmentation to send the right offers to the right user at the right time that more likely converts.

Order Status Mapping with HubSpot Deal Stages
Map your Magento order status with HubSpot deal stages so you can easily track the movements of your orders, track your revenue, and forecast your sales.