Chase down abandoned cart

Abandoned carts are a significant concern for businesses as they represent missed opportunities for sales. When customers add items to their carts but leave the website without completing the purchase, it can lead to lost revenue and lower conversion rates. Manually identifying and addressing these abandoned carts can be time-consuming, and delays in follow-up may further reduce the chances of recovery.

Workflow 1: Shopify → Zapier → Gmail

To promptly address abandoned carts and improve conversion rates, businesses can set up an automated integration using Zapier between Shopify and Gmail. This integration will automatically notify stakeholders or nudge shoppers via email as soon as a new abandoned cart registers for the Shopify account.

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Shopify → Zapier Gmail

  1. Integrate Shopify and Gmail:
    Connect your Shopify account and Gmail account to Zapier to facilitate seamless communication and data transfer.
  2. Create the Zap:
    Set up a new Zap in Zapier to initiate the automated workflow for abandoned cart notifications.
  3. Trigger Event:
    Choose “New Abandoned Cart” in Shopify as the trigger event for the Zap. This event will serve as the starting point for the automation whenever a new cart is abandoned by a customer.
  4. Action Event:
    Select “Send Email via Gmail” as the action event for the Zap. This event will enable the system to send an email automatically.
  5. Compose Email Content:
    Craft the email content with an appropriate message for stakeholders or shoppers, addressing the abandoned cart situation. For stakeholders, this email could serve as a notification to take necessary actions to recover the sale. For shoppers, it could be a gentle reminder about the abandoned cart and encouraging them to complete their purchase.
  6. Map Fields:
    Map the relevant information from the abandoned cart in Shopify, such as the customer’s email, cart details, and products left in the cart, to the corresponding fields in the Gmail email.
  7. Test and Activate:
    Test the Zap to verify that the automation works as expected, and the notification or email is sent when a new cart is abandoned.
    Once tested successfully, activate the Zap to enable the automated workflow.