Add newsletter subscribers from new customers


Managing and maintaining a growing customer base can be challenging for businesses. Acquiring new customers is only the first step; the real challenge lies in effectively engaging and retaining these customers through marketing efforts. Manually adding new subscribers to a newsletter can be time-consuming and prone to errors, hindering the business’s ability to keep customers informed about new products, promotions, and updates.


Workflow 1: Square → Zapier → Mailchimp

To streamline the process of adding new subscribers and improve customer engagement, businesses can leverage the power of automation through Zapier, Square, and Mailchimp. By setting up a simple Zap (automated workflow) between Square and Mailchimp, new subscribers can be automatically added to a Mailchimp newsletter whenever a new customer is acquired through Square.

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Square Zapier Mailchimp

  1. Integrate Square and Mailchimp:
    Connect the Square account and Mailchimp account to Zapier, allowing seamless data transfer and communication between the two platforms.
  2. Create the Zap:
    Set up a new Zap in Zapier to initiate the automated workflow.
  3. Trigger Event:
    Choose “New Customer” in Square as the trigger event for the Zap. This event will serve as the starting point for the automation whenever a new customer is added to Square.
  4. Action Event:
    Select “Add Subscriber” in Mailchimp as the action event for the Zap. This event will add the new customer as a subscriber to a designated Mailchimp newsletter.
  5. Map Fields:
    Map relevant customer information, such as name and email address, from Square to the Mailchimp subscriber list. This ensures accurate data transfer and seamless integration between the platforms.
  6. Test and Activate:
    Test the Zap to verify that the automation works as expected, and new customers are successfully added to the Mailchimp newsletter.
    Once tested successfully, activate the Zap to enable the automated workflow.