About “Nextonly.com

NextOnly is a trend discovery business for investors, entrepreneurs & decision makers. It tries to identify emerging blockchain trends to help decision makers take more informed decision.

The Business Challenge

Main challenge was to identify the information structure of website. It needs to be attractive enough but at the same time add value to the user’s requirements. Social media strategy should reflect this ethos.

Zeroja Solution

We defined information structure based on identifying killer apps, services & businesses in web 3.0 space. We also helped them to define the social media strategy which is based on replicating the same website content across social channels.


Around 3k social media followers & growing website visitors have proven the feasibility of our strategies & tactics.

Tech & Trends used

  1. Blockchain industry trends.
  2. Blockchain industry research.
  3. AI tools for optimizing content.
  4. Social media automation through Zapier.