About “Zeroik.com

Zeroik is a media startup in AI space. They are trying to create AI marketplace for anything AI. It now includes AI solutions, models, prompts, jobs & projects.

The Business Challenge

As a startup everything was undefined & untested. They need to identify right bushiness focus for growing this media company. It is unlike other media business, it has component of marketplace attached to it.

Zeroja Solution

Zeroja team researched AI market trends & identified areas & niche which are underserved or have future traction. We identified business focus areas for quick growth. We defined social media content strategy for better growth.


Zeroik is showing month on month growth in users, pageviews & interactions.

Tech & Trends used

  1. AI industry trends.
  2. Media industry landscape research.
  3. AI consultancy.
  4. Social media automation through Zapier.
  5. Content generation through AI tools.
  6. Identify AI industry content providers (Solutions, prompts, models etc)

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