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Our Expertise

From launching coins on blockchain network to growing NFT sales. We cover every spectrum of decentralized ecosystem. Growing followers, collaborating with influencers. Using AI insights & tools, we cover all possibilities to grow your blockchain born brand & business. We extensively utilize blockchain industry trends, AI strategies to automate your growth.

Our Services

  • Blockchain Tech
  • Tokenomics consultancy
  • Blockchain marketing
  • Blockchain social media
  • Blockchain & AI


Growth campaigns

Blockchain, Crypto, Defi, NFT & more campaigns & projects.



Decentralized coins, NFT based startups, DEFI services.


Community impressions

Media, PR, SEO, Discord, Telegram, Influencer campaigns.

Our Projects

Growing decentralized small business’ platform

A UK based startup which tries to create decentralized ecosystem of entrepreneurs & small businesses to build the decentralized economy where weakness of hierarchical traditional system are almost eliminated.

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