Creating & growing art based NFT.

About Project

ArtsOrigin is a New York based art firm. Zeroja is recruited for designing NFT strategy & also implementing it. Core values of firm are art & food. Founder has extensive experience in the New York art scene. Zeroja team designed & implemented strategy to grow it’s NFT offerings.

Our Role

  • OpenSea NFT management
  • NFT consultancy
  • Social media growth
  • Website management


Social Media growth

Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Media. Zeroja’s team has marketed NFT offerings across relevant social media channels.


NFT images

Researched competitive NFT landscape & come up with ideas to create new art based NFTs.


NFT platforms

OpenSea , Rarible platform management. Metamask integration with platform & payment system.

First task is to understand the strength & weakness of business. Accordingly it is decided to create NFT using inhouse art images. Kept the NFT pricing at lower end to attract variety buyers.

Next task is to create marketing strategy across social media channels. Accordingly selected Twitter, Discord, Medium, Instagram & LinkedIn as go to channels. There is multifold growth in social media followers. Now it crossed around 10K followers across channels.

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